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so I guess I can't embed the flic, but peep the link:…

The GratNin group:

So here it is, the Grande Finale of the Gratuitous NinjaLoan Sharks web comic, my first Gratuitous Ninja story in too many years to count, and the first peek into a new GratNin world. Definitely had some fun working with My ol' buddy Ted Lange IV, check out some of his other work here. Stay tuned, late in January I plan to announce news about the next GratNin piece.

ALSO the other day, a talented friend of mine, Lynette Astaire, blew into New York from the windy city or Hawaii or wherever she's been off to making art. She immediately went to work! I was lucky to stumble in on a session she had at the Levi's Photo Workshop downtown where the Deitch projects used to be. So I got shot by a world class photographer!

it's difficult for me to keep both eyes open before 3pm.

-This is one of my favorite T's from one of my favorite brands, MSGR, from one of the coolest cats in Japan, Nakamura Katsuya. If you're into good functional gear check them out. And I'm not getting paid to say that, but if you ever want to send me something, Nakamurasan, I won't return it. ;-P


...can't get enough of GratNin? Yearn for more shadows and dismemberment? Could you use more teddy bear transformations and nude fighting?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then boy, you're in for a treat cause D? just remembered that there's a warehouse full of GratNin: Ninjaversary just waiting to find their way to your sweaty little palms... Interested? Read on.

about 5 years back D-pi collected the the first 5 years of GratNin comics into one giant 52 page bundle of goodness called the "Ninjaversary". It's jammed to the gills with tons of goodness. This book includes the original GratNin that started as a love letter published in the Pratt Static Fish as well as Panel Space the rarely seen GratNin art project done for Brooklyn International Film Festival.

The book also includes pin ups by incredible talent like Ghostshrimp, Lesean Thomas and Raphael Tanghal ninj'lets, what are you waiting for get at them; they're waiting for you over at LULU. For just 20 bucks a pop they're a steal!
Also... Peep these GratNin kix, the product of a Dπ/KDU/RYZ collabo...

...available exclusively from the Ryzwear website. get'm here
...also check out some more shots and the Gratuitous Ninja web comic here
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